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10 Tricks for Working from Home

Hamsa Ramesha | HRPeople

March 16, 2010

6. Leave Work at Work

When you work at home, the line between your work life and personal life can blur easily. But as with any other 9 to 5 job, whenever you’re done for the day, sign off, put the phone down, unplug your computer and close the door on your office, if you have one.

Keeping distinct work hours is important to productivity, plus, you aren’t getting paid to work extra. It’s one thing to work late on an assignment that needs to be finished, and quite another to be pulling out your blackberry every time you get a new email from your boss.

Draw the line for when you work and when you’re just at home watching television. When you’re on the company dime, be at your best, so that when you’re on your personal time, you’ll feel free to enjoy it.

Tip #7: Be Realistic