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10 Tricks for Working from Home

Hamsa Ramesha | HRPeople

March 16, 2010

5. Communication

It’s very easy to forget the outside world when you work from home. While you do get to avoid the intricacies of corporate politics, it also means that you have to be your own advocate.

Make sure there are multiple ways for your boss and colleagues to contact you. Check your email frequently, and respond as immediately as you can. Keep your phone at hand, and make sure you call if there’s an office meeting. An instant messaging service works well for open communication if something changes last minute. For more long distance projects, make use of free video conferencing tools like Skype.

Creating an open feedback system is a building block to your success as a telecommuter. Better yet, be proactive and physically go to the office for important meetings, or even just to remind others who you are. One thing you do not get when you work from home is networking and building strong relationships with others.

Tip #6: Leave Work at Work