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10 Tricks for Working from Home

Hamsa Ramesha | HRPeople

March 16, 2010

1. Create Your Own Work Space

One of the first steps to telecommuting success is setting up a dedicated work space at home. If you have the space, your best bet is turning an entire room into a home office, giving you the privacy and focus you need. But designating a desk area or even going down the street to a local coffee shop works just as well. Your bed, the kitchen counter top or your futon/convertible guest bed are off limits.

Changing your physical surroundings to reflect a more professional atmosphere goes a long way into keeping yourself on track with deadlines and projects when you’re away from the office. Plus you’ll be less tempted to curl up for a mid-afternoon nap or pull up the latest episode of “The Office” on Hulu.

Basically? Bed = Bad. Desk = Good.

Tip #2: Break Time