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How to Work With a Recruiter

How to Work With a Recruiter

Kayla Baxter | AdminSecret

August 14, 2009

Identify where you want to work, your salary requirements, and what you want in a company. No recruiter wants to make a bad match, so be sure you state your needs clearly and specify ranges. For example, say your dream companies are Companies A, B and C. Consider those companies in your 1st bracket, and make a 2nd and 3rd bracket of companies you’d like to work for. Specify if you are flexible, and specify how flexible you are, and what your limits are.

Develop a Relationship with a Recruiter

One of the best things that you can do for yourself and your career is to build a relationship with a recruiter. Although they may not be able to help you at the time when you’ve lost a job and really need it, somewhere down the road your dream job could become open and the recruiter could be your connection to help land it.

Think twice about keeping in touch via email, though. Because of the high volume of incoming emails that recruiters received on a daily basis (sometimes in the 500-1,000 range) your little email note to say hello could easily get lost in the scuffle.

The best way to connect with a recruiter is to find out what they need and to try and provide it – i.e., referrals. If you know someone looking to make a job change and they have excellent qualifications, refer them to your recruiter. A recruiter will remember and appreciate these little gifts – they are much more valuable than an email. Be the first one to lend a helping hand and you will reap the benefits.

Use your networking skills – remember, a recruiter is just a person doing their job, and the more you do for them, the more they’ll do for you.

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