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How to Beat Your Quarterlife Crisis

Adam Starr: MonsterCollege

October 31, 2012

5 Popular Majors- Direct Your Expertise to a Career Path

1. Business Administration and Management/Commerce

Look for myriad business jobs in the corporate world and apply your sales and entrepreneurial and decision making skills to the real test… the bottom line. Check out the Fortune 500 for the best companies to work for in various industries. Who doesn’t need a business savvy financial expert?

2. Psychology

Jobs include teaching in both secondary and higher education. . Consider jobs a psychologist, psychiatrist, clinical researcher, HR professional or the people-centered wings of companies like IDEO or Google.

3. Nursing

Jobs abound from rural clinics to cutting-edge hospitals. . See the world and help your global neighbors as a travel nurse- or get all Grey’s Anatomy and find a great gig in a city of your choice, it doesn’t rain that much in Seattle does it?

4. Biology/Biological Sciences

Work in healthcare, work on cancer research, study genetics and cloning, solve food issues and battle outbreaks like H1N1. As a scientist, you’ll have opportunities both in the private sector and in academia at places like Genentech and Imclone or even the Harvard Medical School. You can pursue jobs as an environmentalist, an optometrist, or even take care of animals as a veterinarian.

5. English

You have so many options. How about teaching? You know how that works. You just spent 22 years in the educational system. Go for the Phd and get into higher learning at a college or university, or go younger from kindergarten through 12th grade. Every town, city and neighborhood needs great teachers, after all where would you be without your personal Mr. Holland’s Opus? Besides, you gotta love getting those summer breaks back. You can always work for the greater good and put those communication skills to work for a non profit as well. Or, what about PR or Journalism? You know how to write, so why not try online journalism at companies like Gawker Media and Slate, or go for the traditional route with your local newspaper. Not into the deadlines of that world? Most companies are in dire need of Marketing and Copywriters, and your degree can just as easily lend itself to filling those roles.

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