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How to Beat Your Quarterlife Crisis

Adam Starr: MonsterCollege

October 31, 2012

Welcome to the Quarterlife crisis. In bad news, you are already 25% of your way to 100-years-old. In good news, you are about to have a lot more freedom and money and a lot less homework than you did when you were a little kid.

Odds are you haven’t really prepared for this transitional period of your life. Maybe you thought you had some time before you had to deal with such heady anxieties as full-blown life-crises. Perhaps you felt safe for a couple of decades. Maybe you were looking forward to doing things like buying a new Harley Davidson, taking up sky diving, and starting to date a person 20 years your junior. Sorry, that phase is still two failed marriages and 25 years into your future. Here’s what you can do to focus on the crisis at hand:

Step 1) Don’t panic.