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6 Ways to Work Internationally

Adam Starr

January 04, 2010

Corporate Jobs Abroad

Who said that Sales, HR, IT, Admin, and Accounting had to take place in boring office parks scattered around suburban enclaves? The fact is, these jobs are plentiful in international business. Every company operating in a competitive global market has to have a fairly similar strategy and infrastructure which means that all of these departments are going to need professionals working in every far-flung branch from Berlin to New York to Sydney to Tokyo. Many global companies like Coca-Cola,, Google, and Intel have operations running in dozens, if not hundreds of countries. Sure, you could play it safe and work at Coke in Atlanta, or you could run with the bulls and work from their Spanish office. Joining a financial team as an accountant or auditor, keeping the logistics smooth as an administrative assistant, hiring and firing new employees in the HR division and closing million Euro deals on the road from Athens to Amsterdam as a sales executive are just a few of the international career paths available to you after college.

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