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Gift Ideas for Your Unemployed Friends

Gift Ideas for Your Unemployed Friends

Lexington Herald-Leader

December 01, 2009

With the national unemployment rate above 10 percent and Kentucky’s even higher, it’s a fair bet that most people this holiday season know someone struggling to find a job in our slowly recovering economy.

Rather than a manufactured trinket, here are eight gift ideas you the employed person can give that might help the unemployed land the biggest gift of all: a job.

The gift of time

Volunteer to watch your friends’ children so they can have a day off. Taking a day off from the job search can be crucial for job seekers, said Michael Cronk, assistant director of career development at Transylvania University.

“If you’re a job seeker and you’re really having a tough time and you’re tired and miserable, it’s going to come across that way in interviews,” he said. “Give yourself a chance to recuperate. That will make you a stronger applicant.”

The gift of fashion

Buy your jobless friends a gift card for a new suit or dress. Any department store or shop that sells business clothing will do, but please pick up the gift card so they can pick the outfit out themselves. Then offer to accompany them on the shopping trip. It’s always good to have a second eye when trying to find a great-fitting interview suit.

The gift of sharing

This goes without saying, but tell your friends about any job leads you hear. Lots of times it is who you know that can get you the job.