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How to Speak HR

By Alexi Calvo | HRPeople

August 19, 2009

We may be in a recession but that doesn’t mean that companies need to suffer by hiring less than adequate talent. As an HR professional you have the power to highlight what your company offers even when times are tough. However, if you know the tricks used by HR experts you’ll continue to attract the very best. HRPeople has interviewed HR experts from an array of industries including IT, advertising, management training, and consulting in order to share with you how to effectively use HR spin during an interview. However, it’s important not to sugarcoat the realities of your company into Candyland. There is a difference between spin and outright fabrication.

Read on to find out how the best HR experts shine a positive light on their companies in these dark times:

Salary & Benefits

So you’re interviewing a super candidate but you are a little embarrassed about the salaries and health coverage your company offers. Maybe you feel like you don’t have all the perks the candidate deserves, so, what’s the best way to spin these issues and keep the applicant interested?

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