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10 Ways to Make Yourself Unfireable

10 Ways to Make Yourself Unfireable

Tania Khadder | Excelle

December 02, 2009

6. Enhance Your Skill Set

You’ve got what it takes to do the job you’re doing. Obviously.

But why not enhance your skill set to make yourself even more valuable to your team? Or better at your job? Faster? Maybe some basic HTML, or Photoshop would allow you to take on more of your company newsletter?

Whatever your industry, there is always room for improvement. Now is a great time to explore any additional skills that will turn you into an indispensable employee. And with so much information out there, you can do so at a minimal cost. If you can’t afford to take a night class, buy a book (or check one out from the library!) or take an online tutorial.

And once you become a master at your chosen skill, you can offer to lead a workshop for the entire team. Voila. You’ve just become a leader (see #4)!

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