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How NOT to Write a Cover Letter

Zac Frank

August 06, 2009

7. Not Sending a Real Cover Letter

Some job seekers, even those with years of work experience, don’t bother sending a cover letter with their resume. Others type up a one or two-sentence “here’s my resume” cover letter, while others attach handwritten letters or sticky notes.

There is no gray area here: You must include a well-written, neatly formatted cover letter with every resume you send. If you don’t, you won’t be considered for the job.

Some job postings will say you have to send one. But even if others don’t, you should.

The only exception: if the employer asks for a resume only and specifically says (preferable in all caps), “NO COVER LETTERS ACCEPTED.”

Adapted from an article written by Peter Vogt that was originally published on Monster Advice

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