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What is MonsterCollege™?

What is MonsterCollege™?

Monster College Team

August 06, 2009

Welcome to MonsterCollege™, chances are you’re either a recent college grad or a college student thinking about life after graduation. Either way, you’re in the right place. There are many ways to be interactive and learn from this site for jobs and career resources. Use this guide to give you some ideas about clicking around each section of the site.

Our Vision

College students and recent graduates have the entire world before them. What they don’t have is a map, a starting place, a trusted advisor, a friendly mentor. MonsterCollege™ helps recent grads and college students find their first career. Whether graduates pursue careers in government, non-profits, service vocations, start-ups, or the corporate sphere – MonsterCollege™ will help you navigate the job-hunting process. As a member you will enjoy interview tips and tricks, resume templates and skill-building quizzes. Finding a job is hard- but it doesn’t have to be lonely- join your fellow classmates and get started.

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You have a degree or you will soon. Now what? Look for the perfect entry-level position in your area of interest. Search Monster’s global job board to look for the right fit.

Search Entry Level Jobs

Not sure what you want to do? Try out an internship and get your foot in the door with various organizations as an intern.

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If you have a degree but aren’t sure what to do with it just spend some time looking at job profiles and matching your skills to various career fields in our career path section.

Explore Your Career Path

Interested in building a killer resume? Check out our resumes and interview section to write great cover letters and resumes so you can nail those interviews.

Build a Resume and Learn how to Interview

You’re smart, you went to college, you’re totally going to get a job- when that happens use our Hired 101 resources to learn about professional life so you can hit the ground running.

Learn about day 1 as a professional in Hired 101

Where are all these jobs? Check out our hiring trends and economic highlights and read headlines on the latest news and events that impact college students and recent graduates.

The Latest Hiring News and Pop Culture Updates

Talk it up. Share your stories and gain invaluable advice from your fellow graduates and classmates in the forums. Workshop cover letters and learn from the wisdom of crowds.

Share your job seeking stories in the forums

Network, Network, Network! Who you know matters. Meet new people and help each other gain introductions to your social and professional community, it’s a win-win situation.

Network with your peers to find the perfect job

Take skills quizzes and personality tests to see what kind of career you should pursue. Check out informative and entertaining videos and post photos and visual work in our portfolios and projects channel.

Have fun with videos, quizzes, and photos

And last but not least:

Invite all Your Friends!

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The MonsterCollege™ Team

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    I have twelve years experience beginning as a secretary and working up to an Administrative Assistant for the last four years. I also have and AA degree. I was laid off due to budget cuts and am looking for a new job in northeast Florida. Anyone know of openings?

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