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Career Profile: Sales & Marketing Manager

Career Profile: Sales & Marketing Manager

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August 26, 2009

Job Description

Sales managers direct the firm’s sales program. They assign sales territories, set goals, and establish training programs for the sales representatives. Sales managers advise reps on ways to improve their performance. In large, multi-product firms, they oversee regional and local sales managers and their staffs. They analyze sales statistics gathered by their staffs to determine sales potential and inventory requirements and to monitor customers’ preferences. Such information is vital in the development of products and the maximization of profits.

Median Salary

$71,800 – $113,670 (United States)


For marketing, sales, and promotions management positions, some employers prefer a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business administration with an emphasis on marketing. Courses in business law, management, economics, accounting, finance, mathematics, and statistics are advantageous. In highly technical industries, such as computer and electronics manufacturing, a bachelor’s degree in engineering or science, combined with a master’s in business administration (MBA), is preferrered. Many positions are filled by promoting experienced salespeople.

Job Outlook

The number of sales and marketing manager jobs is expected to increase nationally by 57,000 (12%) by 2016. Job growth will be spurred by intense domestic and global competition in products and services offered to consumers and increasing activity in advertising.

Projected growth varies by industry. For example, employment is projected to grow faster in scientific, professional, and related services—such as computer systems design and related services, and advertising and related services—as businesses increasingly hire contractors for these services. By contrast, a decline in employment is expected in many manufacturing industries.