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Career Profile: Software & IT Sales Rep

Career Profile: Software & IT Sales Rep

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August 26, 2009

Job Description

Software and IT sales professionals sell specialized high-tech products, such as servers, networking hardware, or enterprise-level software packages. IT and software sales reps work to determine the needs of clients and pitch them hardware and software packages that meet their goals. After the sale, they may continue to serve as a liaison between the client and their company. This sales segment can be highly lucrative, but requires requires extensive knowledge of the company’s products and technology in general.

Median Salary

$77,800 – $88,700, plus commission


Highly qualified software and IT sales reps hold at least a bachelor’s degree relevant to the products they sell. BS degrees in computer science or engineering, information technology, or hard sciences are preferred. Higher-level sales staff may want to consider an MBA. New graduates may need sales experience and product training before they can work independently.

Job Outlook

Continued expansion in the software and hardware industries, as well as increasing computerization of traditional businesses should spur strong growth in software and IT sales jobs, which are projected to increase 35% by 2016.