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Career Profile: PreSchool Teacher

Career Profile: PreSchool Teacher

The Apple

August 26, 2009

Job Description:

Preschool teachers instruct children from infancy to age 5. The term “preschool” refers to instruction in non-public arenas such as licensed preschools, childcare centers, family day care centers, home day care centers, federal programs like Head Start, and full or part-day private child centers/day care centers sponsored by religious bodies. These teachers nurture and care for children who have not yet entered formal schooling.

Average Hourly Wage $8.00/$25,900 per year

Job Requirements Each state has its own licensing requirements that regulate training for preschool teachers; these range from a high school diploma to community college courses to a college degree in child development or early childhood education. Some employers prefer to hire child care workers who have earned a nationally recognized Child Development Associate (CDA) credential or the Certified Childcare Professional (CCP) designation, have taken secondary or postsecondary courses in child development and early childhood education, or have work experience.

Job Outlook
Employment of schoolteachers is expected to grow by 26 percent before 2016.

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