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Which College Grads Make the Most Money

Which College Grads Make the Most Money

April 12, 2011

Longest Life Expectancy: Accountants

While this UK data doesn’t break down findings by college major, it does isolate some occupations that tend to keep people living longer. Engineers top the list again, along with doctors and accountants, who all live beyond 80 – on average. Teachers, journalists and business managers fared slightly worse – dropping off 8 months to 2 years earlier (more markedly for women than men.) But ultimately it’s the manual laborers, tradesmen, and service industry professionals who have the shortest expectancies. Researchers suspect the differences may more likely be correlated with income brackets than with specific career elements – given that people with higher incomes tend to eat healthier, avoid smoking, and access preventative medicine.

Highest Divorce Rates: Dancers

If you’re scouting for mates, you might want to avoid dance majors, massage therapy students, and bartenders (who come from all sorts of academic backgrounds.) According to one report, these 3 groups led the 2000 Census in rates of separation and divorce, with over 43% of dancers and choreographers reporting marital fracture. Nurses also landed in the top 10 lineup. On the opposite end of the spectrum, optometrists, podiatrists and clergy members are categorically destined for long-term romance. Oh yeah, and guess who else? Engineers. Still, the study authors don’t know if divorce is a response to the nature of these jobs, or if certain careers attract people who are prone to unstable relationships.

Best Reputation: Nurses

For the 11th year in a row, nurses best all others when it comes to society’s perception of honest, ethical professionals. This Gallup survey shows them leaps and bounds ahead of the nearest competition: military officers and pharmacists. Teachers, doctors and police officers are next in line. Not surprisingly, America’s least trusted professionals include lobbyists and Congressmen, car salesmen, and advertising execs.

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