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Proof of the Hidden Job Market

Proof of the Hidden Job Market

Mary Sevinsky

December 10, 2010

I provided him with a list of companies to cold call – all of which might employ computer service technicians. If nothing else, we could obtain more information about what employers are looking for and offering in terms of wages. Either it would be something he could pursue or we could rule this out as a potential job target.

Meanwhile months have passed – a total of six frustrating and, somewhat discouraging months. I counseled him to stay positive. I provided him with articles on how the hiring process has lengthened due to the new economy. We reinforced the progress he had made in his self-confidence and presentation, not to mention organization and attention to detail.

I underlined the importance of activity above all else and assured him if we continued to make good contacts, to follow up, and to remember the HIDDEN JOB MARKET we would be successful. In addition to the list of companies that might employ computer service technicians, we also began COLD CALLING electrical related companies.

He is a trooper and approached his cold calls with dedication and seriousness. The result? This is the BEST PART:

He contacted a small company not far from his home to inquire about the possibility of being considered for a service technician position. The employer wasn’t hiring, but was impressed by his follow up calls when my client had left a message for, but not received a return call from the employer. The employer had about a fifteen minute conversation with him on the telephone.

Needless to say, this was VERY encouraging to my client. He developed this relationship to the point where the employer asked him to come in to meet with him – not an interview, he clearly stated. No agenda. They talked for an hour and a half. My client sent a thank you note. The employer asked him to come in for another meeting, he had “an idea.”

The employer informed him he had been thinking about how to expand his business and “help his clients into the 21st century.” He saw my client as a manager/sales person that could help him do this. What did he think?

Well…neither of us had considered pursuing a position as a manager/sales person with a computer software and hardware company. He was an electrician – wasn’t he? We are waiting for a final meeting to hear details of the job and wages offered for this position being created for my client as a result of a cold call in an attempt to tap into THE HIDDEN JOB MARKET.

I have returned many clients to work as a result of accessing, either directly (cold calls) or indirectly (networking), but cannot think of any other occasion when a job was created as a result of a cold call. My client is very excited about this opportunity in a new field and I will no longer feel like a broken record preaching about THE HIDDEN JOB MARKET. Amen!