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Turn Your 450 Facebook Friends into 20,000 Job Connections

Turn Your 450 Facebook Friends into 20,000 Job Connections

By Lauren Bayne Anderson

November 23, 2010

Identified was founded by Adeyemi Ajao, founder of, the largest social network in Spain (recently acquired by Telefonica for $99 million), and Brendan Wallace, a Princeton University graduate and a former employee of Goldman Sachs and The Blackstone Group.

Wallace and Ajao said in an interview with that they spent time recruiting on college campuses for their companies. Finally, they put two and two together. Since an estimated 90% of students spend an average of 90 minutes per day on Facebook, any given person’s friends and contacts on Facebook could help land them a job. Identified launched in October and said in its first month of operation the site attracted over 6,000 users.

The site offers users the opportunity to “apply” to the companies listed. On Identified, applying to a company lets the company know a user is interested and shows the company’s updates on the user’s home page. In their words, “applying” merely serves as a hint to the company – which may elect to contact the user through the site if they’re interested.

Identified shows users which companies have viewed their page and contacted them. And, allows users to see which companies typically hire individuals of their background. For many companies, the site lists company overviews, and also news and discussions.

For those concerned about potential companies seeing their private Facebook pages, Identified says not to worry. Only professional information will appear on users’ profiles and they can control what information they want to show up. On its blog, Identified, also offers advice to users, such as “ How to Keep Your Facebook Page Squeaky Clean.” Members can also add info that doesn’t appear on their Facebook page to their Identified profile.

The company writes on its blog, “Part of this problem is that social media channels are really broadcast tools and don’t provide a natural environment for recruiting. At Identified, we have built a new platform based on social media functionality and concepts that we believe provides for the first time actual engagement between candidates and companies. We are truly putting social back into recruiting and shinning light into the “black box” that is the email resume drop.”