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5 Ways to Make Networking Work for YOU!

5 Ways to Make Networking Work for YOU!


October 15, 2010

3. Do What You Say You’ll Do

Everyone knows actions speak louder than words; when you are networking for a job, this is more important than ever. You are sending micro-messages to your network with each and every commitment you make and keep (or don’t). Tell them how great you are!

  • If you offer to make a connection for someone, do it. And do it in a timely manner.
  • Planning to meet someone for a quick cup of coffee before your job club? Be on time!
  • Has someone offered to introduce to you to their boss/friend/colleague as soon as you send your resume over? Take the time to tweak the resume for the job and get it over FAST!

4. Stay Top of Mind

Do you have a strategy for helping your network remember what you are looking for? This is your job while you are searching. Don’t assume they will remember exactly which friend is looking for a network administrator job and who is looking for an IT support position. Use tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail to remind your network of your search.

NOTE: There is a really fine line here you must learn to walk. Don’t be “that guy” and send 14 messages a week to your full list of contacts. It’s important to be aggressive, but not so much people stop reading your messages or taking your calls because they are tired of your constant requests for help. Find a comfortable pace at which you will run the race.

5. Be Real

Networking is work, don’t get me wrong. However, most networking meetings – whether one to one or in a group – are designed for people to connect. So put enough of yourself out there so others can connect to you. Smile. Laugh. Enjoy the opportunity to make some new contacts and potential friends. In sales, there is a saying people do business with those they know, like and trust. Be someone who others will seek to know and like. The trust will follow when you are authentic in your relationships.

ANOTHER NOTE: As with #4, there is a line here. Use discretion when meeting new people and do not tell everyone everything about your personal and private life. Being real and authentic does not equate with telling your deepest darkest secrets. It’s about finding a point of connection.