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7 Awesome Jobs You Don't Know About

Elana Altman | Her Campus

September 27, 2010

Urban Planner

What it is: Designing cities for maximum well-being. Urban planning includes a bunch of subfields, but the four core ones are urban design, environmental planning, transportation planning, and housing and economic development. Urban designers focus on the physical layout of the city, determining where buildings and parks should go. Environmental planners focus on keeping the environment intact as a city grows. Transportation planners look at how to best get people from point A to point B, whether that be by roads, trains, subways, buses, or trolleys. And housing and economic developers try to create programs and design policies to solve problems like homelessness or joblessness.

How you get there: Most entry-level urban planning jobs require a master’s degree in urban or city planning, though occasionally you can get a job with a bachelor’s degree in the field. Master’s programs have no specific prerequisites, though many applicants study architecture, economics, political science, sociology, or environmental studies during undergrad. Almost all master’s degree programs will set you up with fieldwork or an internship to give you real world experience. Once you’ve graduated, you can look for jobs in government, development agencies, and nonprofits—all three hire urban planners!

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