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7 Awesome Jobs You Don't Know About

Elana Altman | Her Campus

September 27, 2010

Sound Design

What it is: Composing music or sounds for businesses, like a commercial jingle (Bumblebee Tuna, anyone?), the introduction to a television program (like the music that signifies you’re watching the Olympics on NBC), or even the music playing in the lobby at a Hilton hotel. Ok, so I know this sounds a little like selling out to a musician, but it’s actually cool because you get to figure out how to make a jingle stick, and what sounds people associate with what products or events. So it really involves more than just writing music; it requires understanding how people think. As a bonus, lots of people will actually hear and remember what you write (since hopefully it’s catchy)!

How you get there: Study music, brand management, or marketing in school. Internships are also key in this industry, so look up your favorite brands and see if they’re hiring for the school year or summer. If they don’t have a sound design internship, see if there’s something in the marketing department that would include sound design as part of your experience. Alternatively, if you’ve composed a jingle or song you think is perfect for someplace, you can send a copy to their marketing department and see what happens.

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