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7 Awesome Jobs You Don't Know About

Elana Altman | Her Campus

September 27, 2010

Image Consultant

What it is: Helping people fix all aspects of their image—from their hair and clothes to their manner of speaking and walking. Many image consultants develop a specialty, like working with politicians or TV personalities. Some also work exclusively with one aspect of someone’s image, like their wardrobe or speaking habits. Others work on cultivating the core of their client’s image and refer them to specialists, like hairstylists or etiquette experts, to help with specifics.

How you get there: Though you don’t need it to become an image consultant, certification is available through the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). Through completing courses and taking tests, you can earn three different levels of certification: First Level, Image Professional, and Image Master. Once you’ve got certification, you can set up a business and start finding clients. College seniors and recent grads make good first clients because it’s easy to reach a lot of them at once, and they’ll be less picky about your prior experience than, say, a CEO.

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