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7 Awesome Jobs You Don't Know About

Elana Altman | Her Campus

September 27, 2010


What it is: Cracking and creating codes. What career could get you closer to the reality of your favorite digital-age thriller movies? Ok, so working as a cryptographer isn’t actually going to be as action-packed as a blockbuster film, but it’s pretty neat. Many cryptographers are employed by technology companies, where they work to keep information shared over the internet, like credit card numbers, private. But many others work for the government, especially at the National Security Agency, where the exact work they do is classified, but could include things like figuring out how to send out secret messages to the military or cracking codes to find criminals.

How you get there: A B.S. in math or computer science is required for almost all entry-level jobs, though if you’ve taken a lot of courses in either without it being your official major, that could work too. Cryptographers are also usually bi- or multi-lingual (you knew that foreign language requirement would come in handy somewhere, right?). And most advanced jobs require a master’s degree or even a Ph.D. in math or computer science, so expect to be spending some more time in school if you want to move up in the field. Once you’ve got the education you need, look through job listings at government agencies or technology companies.

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