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Eleven Annoying Facebook Buddies to Defriend

Eleven Annoying Facebook Buddies to Defriend

Allison Ford | Divine Caroline

September 27, 2010

9) The Backhanded Braggart

Shameless self-promotion is normal on Facebook: see my show, read my article, help me win this contest. But some people have taken the art of self-congratulation to new heights, and they are far and away the most irritating friends to have. They may couch their boasts in terms of humor, predicaments, or in pleas for assistance, but all they really want us to know is how fabulous their life is compared to ours.

Typical status: “Settling into the new bigger house, really hoping someone puts in an offer on one of our other homes. Three mortgages means no new fall wardrobe! Eek!”

10) The Bore

That little status box might ask, “What’s on your mind?” but you’re not supposed to answer so literally. Updates like “Just woke up, heading to the kitchen for breakfast …” and “Bored …” don’t give insight into a person’s personality. The excruciating minutia of everyday life does not exactly make for good Facebook fodder. If you wanted to know when your friends were waking up, using the bathroom, and clipping their fingernails, you’d read their blogs.

Typical status: “Contemplating taking a nap…”

11_ The Cryptic Messenger

This person uses their status updates to send coded messages to one person on their list. It might be cloaked in song lyrics or a poem, and it is really annoying. Block away, because do you a) really want to feel like the third person in a clandestine affair or b) really want to be friends with someone so cheesy?

Typical status: “thinking about all the things I’ve done and wish I could undo, and all the things said I wish I could unsay…I know we can be better, do better, love better…if only you just believe…”

On their own, a single political joke or request for donations to a favorite cause are nothing to be ashamed of—everyone develops an online personality, and these are normal ways to interact. But when friends start falling into one of these archetypes, it might be time to hide them from your daily viewing, for your own sanity. A final word of advice: if you find that very few people respond to your status updates and postings, then be warned…the Bore, the TMI, or the Downer might be you.ts in an offer on one of our other homes. Three mortgages means no new fall wardrobe! Eek!”

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