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Eleven Annoying Facebook Buddies to Defriend

Eleven Annoying Facebook Buddies to Defriend

Allison Ford | Divine Caroline

September 27, 2010

3) The Wingnut

Everybody’s got friends with differing political viewpoints, but beyond the occasional “liking” of Glenn Beck or the 9/11 Truth Campaign, no one likes to feel as though their news feed has turned into a Fox News feed. It’s okay to block (or outright delete) anyone who espouses outright ignorance, bigotry, intolerance, or misdirected rage. Or anyone who tries to make political jokes that are blatantly unfunny, racist, or sexist.

Typical status: “Rush Limbaugh told the greatest joke today.… If Nancy Pelosi has her face lifted one more time she’ll have a beard! LOL!”

4) The Bible Beater

Although each religion has its evangelists, it’s usually the Christians who get most-annoying on Facebook, whether they’re joining groups like “I bet we can find 1,000,000 people who love Christ!” or constantly posting scriptural passages as their status updates. Religion is a deeply personal thing—let’s keep it that way.

Typical status: “Thank you GOD for giving me this beautiful day in which to serve you and all of your creation! You are alive and well in my life! Jesus is Lord!”

5) The Mommy

There’s nothing wrong with a person’s child being first and foremost in their life, but when a person is totally consumed with being a parent, it can be hard to relate to her as an adult with a distinct personality. Kids are great, and it’s fun to see pictures and updates, but they’re not the ones you’re supposed to be friends with. If your friend posts nothing about jobs, travels, or other personal thoughts, move on.

Typical status: “It was soooo hard getting Taylor down for her nap today! She insisted on three books AND a glass of juice. Next stop taking the kids to the zoo!”

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