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Your Work Values Checklist

Pat Boer | Monster

September 09, 2010


What values are important to you?

Extrinsic Values

These are the tangible rewards or conditions you find at work, including the physical setting, job titles, benefits and earnings/earning potential. Extrinsic values often trap people into staying at jobs they don’t like, saying: “I just can’t give up my paycheck!” They are commonly called “golden handcuffs.”

How important (on a scale of one to five; five being most important) are these “golden handcuffs” to you?

1. _____ Have control/power/authority
2. _____ Travel often
3. _____ Be rewarded monetarily
4. _____ Be an entrepreneur
5. _____ Work as a team
6. _____ Work in a fast-paced environment
7. _____ Have regular work hours
8. _____ Set your own hours/have flexibility
9. _____ Be wealthy
10. _____ Have prestige or social status
11. _____ Have intellectual status
12. _____ Have recognition through awards/honors/bonuses
13. _____ Wear a uniform
14. _____ Work in an aesthetically pleasing environment
15. _____ Work on the edge, in a high-risk environment

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