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Your Work Values Checklist

Pat Boer | Monster

September 09, 2010


What values are important to you?

Every day, we make choices — some without careful consideration. Whether we realize it or not, often our career choice is based on values rather than the work. Values are the beliefs, attitudes and judgments we prize. Are you aware of your values? Do you act on them?

Use this checklist to get a better idea of what’s important to you. It’s divided into three categories related to intrinsic, extrinsic and lifestyle values.

Intrinsic Values

These are the intangible rewards, those related to motivation and satisfaction at work on a daily basis. They provide the inner satisfaction and motivation that make people say, “I love getting up and going to work!”

How important (on a scale of one to five; five being most important) are these intrinsic values to you?

1. _____ Variety and change at work
2. _____ Be an expert
3. _____ Work on the frontiers of knowledge
4. _____ Help others
5. _____ Help society
6. _____ Experience adventure/excitement
7. _____ Take risks/have physical challenges
8. _____ Feel respected for your work
9. _____ Compete with others
10. _____ Have lots of public contact
11. _____ Influence others
12. _____ Engage in precision work
13. _____ Gain a sense of achievement
14. _____ Opportunities to express your creativity
15. _____ Work for a good cause

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