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How to Refer a Friend for a Job

How to Refer a Friend for a Job

Nealeigh Mitchell | MonsterCollege

September 09, 2010

Finding a job is no easy task. Thankfully you’re employed, but it’s hard to watch your buddy network, scour job boards, send updated resumes, and… still not get a single call back. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could nudge her through the door at your company with a glowing reference? Definitely!

But beware, oh gracious pal. Putting in a good word for a personal friend may seem harmless, but it’s a leap of faith that could affect your friendship and career.

Before you even consider referring a friend, make sure your motives are in the right place. Sure, you’d love to help her out and earn loads of karma points. But there’s a lot at stake. Consider this before tossing your friend’s name in the hat.

Get the Facts

It’s a lot harder to give honest input about a friend you’ve never worked with or who’s previously worked in a different field. Make sure you have a rough idea of her experience level and work ethic before you help your boss try to fill the position. Just because your friend’s a great shopping buddy and a good listener does not make her a professional, competent employee. Does she meet all of the prerequisites and will she be able to handle the job description? She’ll understand your need to probe and appreciate you giving her the best shot at getting hired.

Referrals Do a Company Good

If you’ve done the research and feel she’s qualified for the job, by all means, refer her. Recommendations from current employees are a highly trusted and effective source of new hires. According to Career Xroads Sources of Hire 2010 report, 27% of all external hires were made via employee referrals. And employers are wiling to thank those who bring in quality talent with a hefty reward. You’re not only saving your boss the stress of searching out new talent or helping your friend pay her bills. You’re lining your pockets too!

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