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5 Jobs Being Replaced by Robots

Crystal Akins | MonsterCollege

September 09, 2010

How to Stay Ahead
Unless you’ve already lost your job to technology, there’s no need to sweat bullets — even then, your solution is easy. Focus on how you can embrace technology so you aren’t reliving eerie scenes from Ridley Scott’s Bladerunner where the distinctions between humans and robots are marginal.

Master the art of communication – it’s one way that machines will never be able to compete.

Take classes at a local community college to brush up on technical skills — the cost of tuition is generally pretty affordable. For others who can get their employers to sponsor them, 3-5 day classes are available on a variety of topics ranging from mastering the Microsoft Office Suite to understanding the fundamentals of Dreamweaver. College students can also prepare for the future by integrating computer classes into their general education that will prove useful to employers upon graduation.

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