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5 Green Jobs That Pay $50K or More

5 Green Jobs That Pay $50K or More

By Connie Blaszczyk | Monster Staff Writer

April 26, 2010

Environmental Engineers

There’s currently a huge demand for environmental engineers in both the public and private sectors. These jobs, usually in water, waste-water or air-quality management, are often listed with one of the 3,000-plus environmental engineering consulting firms that make up this thriving market.

Analysts attribute a number of factors to this growth: an improved economy, particularly in the southern and western United States, more infrastructure construction and the rise in foreign markets (China and India for starters). Another trend that will help keep up the pace for the next decade is the retiring Baby Boomer demographic.

Median Salary: $71,800
Entry-Level Salary: $50,702
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Environmental Scientists

These folks fulfill a very specific need that’s primarily in the public sector but shifting inexorably toward scientific consulting firms and technical contractors that work with government and industry.

Another reason for the growing demand is the decreasing number of students who are choosing to major in this field. And tighter immigration laws for foreign students looking to study in the US add to the problem. The result is an overall deficit of qualified and experienced scientists.

It’s possible to enter the field of environmental engineering or environmental science with a bachelor’s degree. However, if you want to advance significantly, you’ll need to go to grad school.

Median Salary:$55,000
Entry-Level Salary:$34,000
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