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Is a Career in Advertising Right for You?

Advertising is a tough field and one that can take time to break into, not to mention pursue. So why waste time trying to make it in the industry if you're not sure it's right for you? Take our quiz and find out!


How Will You Get to the Top?

Wonder why you’re not in charge of everything right now? Don’t worry — there’s something about you that will definitely get you there. Find out exactly what you’ve got that will make you a success!


How Strong Is Your Imagination?

Think you’re a super-creative person or are you more by the books? Find out how powerful your imagination is!


How Outgoing Are You?

Are you a total chatterbox or a bit of a loner? Like to stay in the middle of things or all on your own? Find out!


How Much do You Know About the Twilight Series?

You might have broken dawn (or broken down) reading Breaking Dawn, but do you really know your way around the Twilight series? Find out!


How Green Are You?

Whether you compost at home or own a few Hummers, the fact is, we all leave our mark on the world around us. Find out just how environmentally friendly you are!


How Good Be You're Grammer?

How good is your command of the English language? Did you pay attention during your fifth grade Language Arts class? Should you trust your self-edited resume and cover letter? Find out!


How Ethical Are You?

Do people trust you to do the right thing? Find out if you’re good as gold or if you’ve got a little problem with ethics. And remember — be honest!


How Do You React to Stress?

How people tolerate stress, instability, and conflict at work can vary a lot. Some of us “roll with the punches” and others love stability. An individual’s style of reactivity is believed by some to be a fundamental personality trait, and may influence your happiness at work. Find out how you cope!


How Do You Look on Paper?

You know you can handle the job, but how would a really tough employer evaluate your resume? Find out how you’d rate!


How Do You Deal with Customers?

Working with the public is always a joy, right? Okay, well, no, not really. But we’re sure you’ve found a way to love it. Find out how you deal with your customers!


How Do You Deal with Conflict?

Everyone has to deal with disagreement from time to time, especially while on the job. But how do you really react when things get ugly? Get serious and find out!


How Assertive Are You?

Say “yes” to the boss when you actually want to say “no?” Or do you stand up for yourself no matter what? Find out how assertive you really are!


Election Slogans Quiz

Test your knowledge by matching the campaign slogan to the correct presidential candidate.


Do You Need a Makeover?

Ever feel totally bored by your look? Find out what you should do to look like a star!


Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Cop?

Ever dreamed about being a cop? Just like the uniforms? Find out if you have what it takes to become a law enforcement officer!


Do You Have a Problem with Procrastination?

Think you might have trouble tackling things? Don’t feel bad, procrastination can strike anybody. Stop putting it off — take the test and find out!


Do You Have a Balanced Lifestyle?

With everything you've got on your plate, sometimes it's hard to find time for everything you want to do. So how do you manage to stay balanced? Take the test and find out!


Do You Belong in "The Office?"

Maybe you don't work at Dunder-Mifflin, but doesn't it feel like you could sometimes? So, if you did find yourself working in Scranton, which Office employee would you be? Take the quiz and find out!


Could You Pass 8th Grade?

Think you're smarter than an 8th grader? Take this quiz to find out if you'd move on to high school or have to repeat a grade!

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