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What’s Your Job Geography IQ?

Everyone has heard of Nike and Coke, but do you know where they are based? If you want to work for a world-famous company you'll need to know where to go and interview. Take the quiz and see how well you can map your career!


What’s Your Job Fair IQ?

More and more people are finding the career of their dreams at a job fair. Do you have what it takes to stand out? Find out!


What’s Your Food Personality?

Wonder who you really are when it comes to cooking and eating? Find out!


What’s Your Fashion IQ?

From the hautest of couture to the stores at the mall, fashion is everything. What’s your fashion IQ? Find out!


What’s Your Excel IQ?

Wondering just how much you know about spreadsheets? Take this quiz and find out. It’s more interesting than you think! If you don't know Excel you better learn it before you go in for job interviews because it's a must-have skill for any office.


What’s Your Dream "Creative" Position?

Are you a creative person? Interested in writing, designing and managing all those advertisements you see everywhere? If you are thinking about getting into the wild world of advertising first you need to find out which job you should be applying for. Take the quiz!


What’s Your Disaster IQ?

While you can always count on trained professionals to help, the most important thing in an emergency is what you do. So whether you’re on the job or at home, find out if you’ve got what it takes to survive a disaster!


What’s Your Cover Letter IQ?

You need a great cover letter to make a great first impression, right? Find out what you know about getting your foot in the door!


What’s Your Circus Dream Job?

We’ve all thought about running away to join the circus, but what would happen if you actually did it? We dare you to find out!


What’s Your Boss’ Secret Personality?

Been a little suspicious of your boss lately? Think they’ve got some buried secrets? Find out who your boss really is when you’re not looking.


What's Your World Capital IQ?

Think you’re a geography whiz? A real world traveler? We give you the country, you tell us the capital city. Get ready … go!


What's Your Winter Holiday IQ?

Did you know the celebration of Christmas was banned in colonial days? It was! With the winter holidays upon us, what's your holiday IQ?


What's Your Valentine's Day IQ?

How much do you really know about this amorous holiday? Take the quiz and see how romantic you really are!


What's your U.S Women's History IQ?

You've come a long way, baby. Women enjoy more freedom and opportunities than they did a century ago but they still face hardships, roadblocks, and discrimination. In honor of those who fought for women's rights and paved the way for females today, we celebrate National Women's History Month. How well do you know women's historic accomplishments? Would you, your mother, wife or sister be proud? Take the quiz and find out!


What's Your Turkey IQ?

Did you know that Neil Armstrong ate turkey on the moon? Well he did. Turkey's the most popular dish eaten on Thanksgiving, but how much do you actually know about it?


What's Your True Color?

Psychologists agree that colors have distinct personalities of their own. Blue is calm, red is passionate, yellow is inviting, and so on. What color is your personality, especially at work? Answer a few quick questions and find out!


What's Your Student Debt IQ?

American college students are increasingly majoring in debt. Are you one of them? Find out how you compare to the average US graduate.


What's Your Signature City?

Whether you love the energy, nightlife, or skylines, everyone's got a signature city, and that's probably the perfect place for you to jumpstart your career. Find out which city fits you best!


What's Your Office Movie Match?

Does it feel like the majority of your day is spent in meetings or squinting at the computer? When the daily grind takes its toll, escape to the movies and find out where you could get hired!


What's Your Nightmare Career?

The only thing worse than not having a job is having the WRONG job. Before you start slaving away from 9-to-5, you should know which job to avoid at all costs. Brace yourself and find out!

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