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What Motivates You?

Ever wonder why you get out of bed in the morning? Curious about what makes you look for success? Find out what really motivates you!


What Refreshes You?

Life's ups and downs can zap your energy and drain your spirit. So what should you do when you need to recharge? Find out!


What Should You Major In?

Whether you’re applying to colleges, already enrolled, or just curious about going back to school, there’s one very important question you’ll have to face: What’s your major? Want to find the perfect type of major for your personality? Go for it!


What Type of Admin Should You Be?

You have a knack for organizing, you want to work with people one-on-one, you crave a new challenge everyday - entering the administrative field is a no brainer. But which type of office support job is right for you? Should you start off as an administrative assistant or go straight to an executive assistant role? Or maybe becoming a legal or medial secretary is more up your alley? Take this quiz to discover what is the best career path for you...


What's Your 2010 Super Bowl Ad IQ?

Even if you don't care which of the teams wins, you can always root for your favorite commercials. Test your Super Bowl Commercial IQ to see if all of those millions of dollars spent on advertising paid off...


What's Your Beer IQ?

Beer can taste like water or it can taste like a creamy elixir of the gods, but would you actually know the difference? Find out your beer IQ!


What's Your Career Fantasy?

Obviously you can’t have everything you want on the job. You can still dream, right? So if you were working in the perfect world, what would be your perk of choice? Find out!


What's Your Catchphrase IQ?

Americans see about 3300 advertisements per day! Think you can remember what famous catch-phrase goes with which product? We challenge you to test your knowledge!


What's Your Cocktail?

Some like it hot, some like it wild, and some like it any way they can get it. Wha-aaat? Don't worry — we're just talking about cocktails. Call over the bartender and let us help you order your next round!


What's Your Corporate Vocabulary IQ?

Anyone who has ever worked in an office or corporate environment knows that communications both written and spoken are full of corporate colloquialisms. Think you are fluent? Find out how well you know this office jargon.


What's Your CPA Exam IQ?

Before you start studying (and studying, and studying...) for the CPA Exam, you should know what you're preparing for. What do you know about the big test?


What's Your Dream Career?

When you were younger, you probably wanted to be an astronaut or a ballerina, right? Well, maybe you're not going to the moon or starring in Swan Lake any time soon, but you still have plenty of time to discover your grown-up dream job!


What's Your Entry-Level Salary IQ?

Your college major determines a lot about your entry-level salary. Take this quiz to find out how much the average career pays in a variety of fields!


What's Your Financial Forecast?

Worried about money? Totally ready to retire? See if you're doing all you can to have a golden future or if you'll end up flat broke. Find out!


What's Your Healthiest Habit?

With so many fad diets, food charts, and fitness plans out there, it's hard to know what being healthy really means these days. Isn't it time to cut through the hype and find out what you're doing right? Go for it!


What's Your Investment IQ?

Everyone’s talking about the economy these days, right? Want to see if you can take care of your money? Find out exactly how much you know about investing!


What's Your Lady GaGa IQ?

Are you the ultimate Lady Gaga fan? Do you think you know everything about your favorite singer? Well now you have a chance to prove it. Let's see how "Starstruck" you really are. Take the quiz!


What's Your Logo IQ?

How well do you know your logos? Think you can match the logo with the right company or entity and you'll prove your mastery? We dare you!


What's Your Money IQ?

Like a lot of people, you’re probably getting a little nervous about the state of your finances these days. So how smart are you, exactly, when it comes to money matters? Find out!


What's Your Nightmare Career?

The only thing worse than not having a job is having the WRONG job. Before you start slaving away from 9-to-5, you should know which job to avoid at all costs. Brace yourself and find out!

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