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Is Your Resume in Shape?

Before you attack the job market in earnest, you should make sure that you’ve got the right resources working for you. So is your resume tired or tight? Fire it up and find out!


Medical Assistant: Is It The Right Job For Me?

Medical Assistant jobs are one of the fastest growing in the US. MAs perform varied tasks from administrative duties to clinical work. They work everywhere from hospitals to clinics to offices. Each state has different laws specifying what a Medical Assistant can do, but wherever you work, you can be sure to have lots of variation in your day.


Name that Gadget

How well do you know your favorite tech toys? Can you tell a first-gen iPod from a third-gen with just a tiny photo? Check out these extreme close-ups of some of the world's most iconic gadgets and see how many you can identify.


Rate Your Boss

Want to know how your boss really stacks up? Curious to see how leadership is helping (or hurting!) your job performance? Turn the tables and do the evaluating for once!


Right Job/Wrong Job

Looking for a job that makes you happy and brings in a great paycheck? Then take MonsterCollege's Right Job/Wrong Job test! You'll discover the job that's right for you and the salary you could be earning. Start the test!


Should I Be: A Staffing and Recruiting Professional?

Wondering if a career in Staffing and Recruiting matches your personality? Find out!


Should You Be An HR Generalist?

Enjoy working with all kinds of people? Like a challenge? Think you should be an HR Generalist? Find out!


St. Patrick's Day Quiz

Most of us remember to wear green on March 17, but how much do you know about the holiday when everyone's at least a little bit Irish?


The Harry Potter Trivia Quiz

Find out if you’re really a Harry Potter fan. Remember: You can look the answers up in your books, but searching online is cheating. Go!


The US State Capital Quiz

Time for MonsterCollege’s next geography challenge. Can you name the capital cities of the 20 least populated US states? We dare you!


The Weird Food Trivia Quiz

It might smell. It might be creepy-crawly. It might be just plain strange. Join us for a tour of the weirdest food all over the world. Is your favorite dish included?


What Are Your Coworkers Saying About You?

Gossip in the breakroom. Flame wars on company email. Being an employee isn’t always pretty. Ever wonder what they’re saying about you behind your back? You don’t have to spy on them, take this test and find out!


What Does Your Desk Say About You?

We have to let you in on a secret: Your desk says a lot about you — and your boss is probably listening. Find out what your style is on the job!


What Does Your Handshake Say About You?

You can tell a lot about a person from their handshake. From flimsy, sweaty palms, to bone-crushing grips, find out what your handshake says about you!


What Exhilarates You?

Don't you love it when your heart races and you feel on top of the world? Or when something really knocks your socks off? Find out what makes you feel alive!


What is Your Ideal Work Environment?

Everyone works more efficiently in office types that fit their personality. Whether it be in a war bunker or poolside, our surroundings can dictate how efficient we are at work. Which work environment is best for you?


What Kind of Friend Are You?

When you're hanging out with your friends everyone's got a role. The comedian. The smarty. The referee. So which one are you? Take our test and find out!


What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?

Whether you've met the love of your life or are waiting to be swept off your feet, you make a great girlfriend. But what's your strength when it comes to relationships? Are you more passionate, supportive, or sentimental? Take our test and find out!


What Kind of Leader Are You?

Find yourself the boss of somebody? Wondering how you can do an even better job? Take charge and find out how you lead!


What Kind of Photographer Are You?

Ever wondered if you could be a success behind the camera? Find out if you've got what it takes!

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