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8 IT Companies Hiring Right Now

Jose Fermoso

March 02, 2010



Verizon Communications Inc. is a broadband and telecommunications company. Its voice service has been consistently regarded as the best in the U.S. and its popular Internet service is expanding, with more than 8 million web customers. Its recent deals with consumer hardware partners such as Motorola and Palm (for the Droid and Pre phones) have pushed a lot of revenue recently.


FIOS, Wireless Services including Wi-Fi devices, Hardware Seller


Telecom, Wireless, VSO


Corporate Offices: New York City, New York, U.S.

Other Major Office Branches: Bellevue, WA, Plymouth, MN, Syracuse, NY, Warren Township NJ, Retail stores everywhere and many other places.


Verizon had been one of the main companies not affected significantly by the downturn. That is, until a massive layoff was announced a couple of days ago, on a quartely loss of more than $500M. But as Verizon takes a hold of its finances over the next couple of financial quarters, we feel you should take a look at it because there’s a lot of good in there and more job opportunities are likely to arise. In fact, before the last quarter, its profits had been exemplary, with over a billion dollars in profits every quarter for the last 18 months. During that time, the number of Verizon voice and web services subscribers climbed, due to a best-in-class high-speed broadband network, including heavy investment in the FiOS fiber-optic network. As Forbes recently noted, this allowed them to bundle many services into a single, relatively cost-effective model that (still) consistently attracts medium-to-high-end customers.

The trend to move from land lines to cell phone-only or VOIP services benefited Verizon in a big way. Recent studies have suggested that as families drop their old lines, they are more wiling to buy a higher-end smartphone, driving higher profits from expensive data plans. Recent data from Verizon noted that nearly 40% of its new cell phone sales are smartphones, pushing its “average revenue per user” — or ARPU — to a all-time high. Of course, this doesn’t hold up as well in the latest financials, since the loss of landlines appears to be the main reason behind the drop. recently posted a rumor that a new iPhone will be sold in Verizon stores later this year. That would improve Verizon’s fortunes over the next two years.


From the company:

“At Verizon, the reliability of our network is a direct result of the performance of our talented team. Our employees are empowered to take ownership of their ideas, actions and careers. We recognize that our employees are our greatest asset and in return for their dedication, we reward in ways that are as innovative as our technology. We believe in peak performance and the highest of achievements… [Our] employees are rewarded for their efforts through our actions.”

From real workers:


“Absolutely zero focus on career development, a lot of talk and no walk.”

“Productivity has become sole measure of employee value.”

“Lack of Leadership and role modeling from Sr. Management. Lack of respect for middle management.”


“Great pay and benefits, constant learning experience.”

“Best work is in the wireless division and business division on the federal side. Work is spread all over the world so expect to adjust your working hours accordingly.”

“Some interesting challenges, given the new technologies such as FiOS TV.”


Entry level C# Developer — Excellent grades in programming. Must love to Code! Programmer position in our Customer Care Applications Team. This is the application that our 20k+ customer service reps use on a daily basis.

Full job post here

Sr. Java developer (Lead) — Provides design and code of order process flow for eCommerce shopping flow, which is related to ODI development and 4G.

Full job post here

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