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8 IT Companies Hiring Right Now

Jose Fermoso

March 02, 2010

T-Mobile USA


T-Mobile USA is the fourth-largest wireless telcom in the U.S., with annual revenues over $35B. It has a GSM/EDGE band and since its slow September 2008 roll out, a UMTS (3G) network, primarily developed to boost the company into competition the newly developed Android phones the company sells. The overall network is considered to be the second best in quality to Verizon in select cities, but its still-small sample size generally places it at number four. The company is owned by Germany-based Deustche Telekom.


Mobile phone service, T-Mobile also operates WiFi hotspots in the United States and Europe.


Corporate Offices: Bellevue (WA)


T-Mobile has had a tough economic recession and there has even been talk of a merger with Sprint, as parent Deutsche Telekom has lost out on revenue during this time. It lost many jobs during the first big wave of economic hardship, and its distance in market share between mostly-thriving AT&T and Verizon made it appear in bad shape.

But in the last year, the company has experienced fits of growth and publicity that might help the company in the near future.

T-Mobile’s inclusion (and nominal leadership) in the Google-led Mobile Handset Alliance netted the company the first Android OS-based phone in 2008 (the G1). Since that time, more Android phones have been launched, making it the telcom most invested in them. So far, the sales have been mixed. The G1 and MyTouch 3G were good phones that sold briskly, but the newest (and by far, best in quality) Nexus One has had disappointing sales. Since most of the problems with the Nexus are based on software issues on Google’s side, the excitement of the hardware has increased the telcom’s profile. This will help sales over the next year.

T-Mobile has tried to boost their customer relationships during this tough time by trying new things and eliciting good customer relationships. It became the first company to come out with a 4-month handset install plan (allowing customers to buy a new phone over 4 different installments without additional fees or interest) and most recently, was the first to allow free calls to Haiti in the aftermath of the disaster. Little things like that help out in the long-term success of a business.


From the company:

T-Mobile is in the business of helping customers enrich their personal relationships by using our devices and services. Delivering on this promise requires the full support of every T-Mobile employee. We work hard, but we play hard, too. Together, we can do great things.

From the employees:


“Although a lot has changed over the years, from a reorganization to layoffs, we still have a lot of flexibility. If you are fortunate enough to get a technical position you can really learn a lot.” (From a Technical Analyst)
“Everyone from the senior management to fellow reps gives positive feedback and advice whenever needed.”


“The work/life balance was not very good. I had to be on conference calls almost every day, even days off or vacation day” (from a store manager)
“There are Principal Engineers that I know in other companies that have 1/3rd my experience and 1/10th my knowledge, but I have not been promoted in 4 years.” (from a engineer)


Manager, Regional Accounts

Sr. Sys Design Packet Core Network Engineer

Engineer, Technical Support