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8 IT Companies Hiring Right Now

Jose Fermoso

March 02, 2010

EMC Corporation


EMC makes data-storage machines, as well as content management software and related services.

EMC currently employs about 45,000 people.


Data storage, content management software. Its Symmetrix software product is one of the most important in storage networks for data centers. Its RSA Security group works on products related to enterprise data and other information security.


Hopkinton, Massachusetts, USA.


The recession forced EMC to kill off nearly 2,500 jobs early on, claiming to save up to $500M. At the beginning of the malaise, it was thought the storage market would suffer significant declines, but it’s mostly gotten through it with fine numbers. The most recently quarterly report showed the company gained $4.1 Billion in revenue last year, just a 2% increase over last year.

The company’s stake in VMWare (software for data centers), which also has a successful business and didn’t fall off the last two years, means they are well-positioned for the next few years. This is increasingly the case as more companies that are looking to save some costs by adding secure enterpriuse software will most likely look to EMC.



“Recognition if you work hard.”
“Great engineers, awesome resources. Wonderful perks.”


“Stock price doesn’t move all that much.”
EMC strings along contractors for years and years with promises of full-time jobs with benefits.”
“Complex product. Have lot of legacy system.. Most of the time fixing the customer problem. Support and consultancy doesn’t provide reproducible test case.”


Sr. Product Mgr.: Drives product management processes to optimize product definition, maximize the value of Kazeon to EMC’s business and product impact in the marketplace.

Group Technical Marketing Manager – SourceOne responsible for bridging the gap between product management, product marketing and the field.