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8 IT Companies Hiring Right Now

Jose Fermoso

March 02, 2010



Nvidia has been one of Silicon Valley’s most consistently successful companies in the past decade, making graphics processing units (GPUs) for major workstations, PCs, video game consoles, and — key for the next decade — mobile computing devices.

Last year the company made profits over 2.7 Billion.


Computer Hardware, IT; Microchips

Nvidia’s current major products are the nForce series (integrated motherboard chipsets), Quadro (for large digital content creation stations), and the GeForce chips — the heart of any decent-to-great graphics you get to enjoy during your super-fragging game shoot-out contests.


Corporate Offices: Santa Clara, CA


Nvidia hasn’t done too badly during the recession. While they did lay off a significant amount of workers at its early peak (and even canceled performance-based compensation for some executives) they’ve settled down and have apparently committed to increasing their workforce as the company ramps up several new graphics initiatives, especially in mobile.

Their main graphics solutions (CPUs and graphics) for top smartphones (Tegra processors, with unibody Arm core and GeForce units) and netbooks in the last two years have been big revenue drivers, since they’ve been notorious in their stubborn avoidance of the economic pitfalls. They’ve also pushed through several other top new tech like Cuda, OpenCL, and PhysX.

The competition from Intel and AMD over the next few years will be strong, but Nvidia has positioned itself to be a tough competitor. It’s also good to note that the current CEO is one of the most respected people in the business, seems to know what he’s doing, and will likely pursue good initiatives for the company. That’s something many people can’t say about other companies, like, say, HP.



“Challenging work. Lots of collaboration. Laid back culture.”
“Management is usually very good about communicating future direction/strategy at every level.”
“Technology here is bleeding edge and that makes it “cool” to work here for a bit. There is also absolutely zero office politics."


“Stock compensation is pretty low compared to other employers.”

“There is no work/life balance really … it’s always work.”
“Trying to do too much with too few engineers. Too many projects and too much support for legacy code and products to maintain focus and high quality. "


Senior DFT Engineer — Cutting edge DFT involving designing key DFT logic modules and verifying them. Responsible for scan insertion and ATPG and post silicon validation.

Graphic Tools Engineer — Expert-level knowledge of Direct3D and/or OpenGL APIs. Enthusiasm for recent advances in real-time graphics and in Microsoft development frameworks.

Senior 3D Artist — 7 Years experience in advanced 3D modeling, rendering and animation. Expert level Maya and/or 3DS Max user, Lightwave a plus.