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5 Things You Need to Give up to Get A Job

Adam Starr

February 05, 2010

Money Matters, but It Isn’t Everything.

The average entry-level salary for Americans in 2010 is around $43,000. Some of you will earn considerably more than this and others considerably less, but most of you will fall into this range. When you entered college you may have had dreams of being a 22-year-old billionaire, but nobody reading this has started Facebook, so that is not something you should be worrying about. More Americans are going to college now than ever before, this means that the degree isn’t as valuable as it once was. What used to set you apart with a BA may now require a master’s degree or other professional degree.

The Good News:

At this point, if you are lucky enough to be offered a position that starts you on your career path, and the money is enough to cover your bills, then take it. You need experience and professional skills more than you need big paychecks right now. Work hard, learn a lot, challenge yourself, grow in your experience and the money will come later.

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