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15 Companies Hiring Despite the Recession

15 Companies Hiring Despite the Recession


August 11, 2009


Marlboro, Virginia Slims, Merit, Parliament, and 14 other cigarette brands

PM USA has five regional sales offices, 22 sectional sales offices and a field sales force of approximately 2,700 employees located throughout the U.S. and in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Industry: Tobacco Products

Corporate Offices: Richmond, Virginia

Other Major Office Branches: Cabarrus County, North Carolina and 22 Sales offices across the country including Dallas, TX; Houston, TX; Seattle, Washington; Bedminster, NJ; Mandeville, Louisiana; Berwyn, PA; Tampa, FL; Milford, OH; Wixom, MI; Indianapolis, IN; Chicago, IL; Overland Park, KS; Denver, CO; Pleasanton, CA; Los Angeles, CA

How They’ve Handled the Recession: Hermann Waldemer, chief financial officer at Philip Morris International, calls the tobacco industry “very recession-resilient.” People are willing to sacrifice a lot of luxuries during tough times, but most have a hard time cutting back on this vice. Shares of Philip Morris have fallen nearly 30% from the year’s highs, but continue to outperform the S&P 500. On December 8th, the The Montley Fool, put PMI on the top of the list “5-Star Stocks Poised to Pop.” Plus, the foreign demand for cigarettes remains strong, keeping the bottom line afloat.

Working at Philip-Morris: For three years in a row, BusinessWeek put PM USA in its list of the 50 best places to launch a career. PM USA jumped 11 spots to No. 32 in the 2008 rankings. Richmond Magazine named PM USA to its annual “Great Places to Work” list in November 2007. The magazine featured various company benefits and amenities, while highlighting “an average tenure of 17 years for salaried and hourly employees and a one-year retention rate of 97 percent in 2006.”

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