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The Professional Woman's Guide to Dating

Anna Hennings and Tania Khadder

August 24, 2009

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons
In the office, you might have everything under control. You hit your targets consistently. You help drive your business. Hell, people even come to you for advice.

But do you sometimes feel like your record in the romance department is less than stellar? Is your return on investment in dating little to none?

What did Hyman Lipman do in 1858 that made life easier for students?

We have done our fair share of dating. Some of our endeavors have been successful. Others, not so much.

But no matter how our experiences panned out, we certainly learned a lot along the way. And so we’ve created this dating guide to impart some of our hard-earned wisdom on those of you who may need a bit of keen (or at least laugh-worthy) insight.

Are we able to cover everything? Of course not. But we did our best to share what we’ve learned, bring in expert opinions and even get a man’s perspective on some of the most puzzling aspects of dating, from how to meet your match to how to interpret his attitude to appropriate post-date behavior.

Getting Ready for Romance

Are you ready?
How to make time for love
Where and how to meet your mate

The Actual Date
Where (and Where Not) to Go
What to Wear
What to Say
What Not to Say
What (and What Not) to Do
The Intimacy Conundrum

After the Date
Assessing Your Feelings (and His!)
Post Date Etiquette


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