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Worst Advice Given to Me During My Job Search

Worst Advice Given to Me During My Job Search

Jane Allerton | The Monster Blog

August 19, 2009

So while I am conquering my anxieties with positive action steps in my job hunt, I’ve received some rather amusing bits of advice. I’ve managed to always graciously smile and say thank you outwardly, while inwardly wondering what is occurring in people’s minds as they share these bits of advice.

#1: Take the Summer Off

So my top piece of bad advice received still has to be “take the summer off.” Somehow this suggestion of taking a 3-month hiatus from job seeking doesn’t suggest that the well-meaning friend really understands my position in life.

While it would be a dream to take the time off, having to be 100% financially responsible for my young sons, Owen and Evan, makes it clearly not an option. Then I get the funny look as if I had been reckless in the first place by having my children. Somehow that was even less of an option, and unbeknownst to many, I pushed off motherhood as long as I possibly could — until I was secure in my professional life. (Ha!)

Lesson learned: There is never a perfect time in life to have children from a “settled professional” standpoint. Moreover, the job market looked very robust several years ago. The tides have changed, and this summer is not the time-off one for me as I am using my savings.

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