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Top 10 Things that College Taught Us About Life

Adam Starr

December 09, 2009

3. Social Networking

Good news, all that time you spent on MonsterCollege, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter can actually help you get a job. Your relationships have loads of potential to get your resume in front of the right people. Knowing a lot of people and, more importantly, being respected by a lot of people is a huge part of modern professionalism. Since many jobs are never even posted, candidates can only find out about internal opportunities by tapping into their personal networks of extended connections. This means that your friend’s dad’s college roommate can totally help you get a job at their company. In bad news, it also means that your profile has the double-edged potential to keep you eternally unemployed. As you can imagine, pictures of you sloppily engaging in suspect activities is not the best first impression you can make with potential employers.

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