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Top 10 Things that College Taught Us About Life

Adam Starr

December 09, 2009

10. Breaking Up

In many ways, college, like breaking up is about starting over. College is about change, about leaving your comfort zone, exiting the nest, redefining your environment, learning new skills, meeting new people, building new relationships. Breaking up, in college as in life is a catalyst that engenders the novel over the mundane. In both circumstances you will be constantly forced to try new things, to learn new skills, to move to new cities, countries, and towns. Like breaking up with a familiar and comfortable past, it isn’t always easy to do, sometimes it is your choice, your initiative, other times it is not. One day you’ll be typing away at your desk and checking your fantasy football scores and the next you’ll be giving your key card to the HR lady. Sometimes you aren’t that into work and sometimes work is just not that into you, either way, occasional breakups are inevitable.

College teaches us to be adaptable. To rebound quickly on and off the intramural court. College, like breakups remind us that it is perfectly normal to go from we to me, from popular to alone, from expert to novice. When you move away from home you breakup with your childhood. When you graduate, you breakup with the schedules and rhythms of the classroom. Congratulations, you made it to graduation, you don’t know everything yet but you know where to find it and you know that it’s okay to learn as you go. And speaking of starting that entry-level career… have you applied here lately?

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