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9 Things Your Mom Was Right About

9 Things Your Mom Was Right About

December 07, 2009

On a recent trip home, my friend Katie confided to her mother about the difficulties of dating in a big city.

After a long, thoughtful pause, Katie’s mom responded, “Ya know honey, I don’t think I have any advice for you.”

When Katie retold the story to me a few days later she said, “I knew then that it must be bad. If mom has no advice for something you know you’re in trouble!”

She made a good point. If there is one person you can always count on to weigh in on a subject, it’s your mother. We count on Mom to always give input on whatever we’re going through. It’s one of those “Mom-isms” that we may complain about but secretly rely upon.

Whether we admit it or not, and despite the countless “Shut Up Mom!”s we have screamed in our lifetime, we really do care what she has to say.

And more often than not, she’s right.

As I thought about this concept I realized there are some staple pearls of wisdom that our mothers passed down to us that still stand. This is a look at some of Mom’s most timeless advice that we can still apply today (if we humble ourselves enough to admit that she actually does have a point).

1. Sit/Stand Up Straight

This one may seem silly but I give my mom the credit for training me to have good posture. It’s not only good for your health but it also exudes confidence and self assurance.

2. Learn to take a compliment graciously

This one is tough. But important. We are somehow wired to think that if we disagree with the person complimenting us, we are showing humility. But Mom said it best: A “Thank you” works wonders on your self-esteem — as well as your manners — when it comes to accepting kind words. This is a timeless lesson that I am certain we will teach our daughters.

3. Kill Them with Kindness

Leave it to mom to remind you that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Historically a kind response to an unkind person is referred to as “heaping burning coals upon your enemy”. That’ll show em, right? This is a difficult morsel of wisdom to heed but I always feel better when I follow it.

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