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Corporate Soliders: Military MBA for Veterans

Corporate Soliders: Military MBA for Veterans

Business Wire

December 07, 2009

Military MBA has released its initial analysis of MBA schools offering the best value for veterans using the New GI Bill. The analysis and resulting best-value list — the first resource of its kind for prospective military students — was prompted by research conducted by Military MBA research which studied veteran perspectives and personal choices in higher education programs. This new resource is designed to help veterans make better decisions concerning an MBA education.

Data was collected on both price (expressed as total tuition paid to veterans) and education quality using MBA school rankings. Data on tuition waivers was supplied by MBA schools participating in the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Yellow Ribbon Program for 2009-2010.

Through its analysis, Military MBA was able to identify 20 MBA schools that provide the best value for military personnel. The analysis, which can be found on the website, will be updated annually to keep pace with changes in data regarding tuition wavers and education quality.

According to Greg Eisenbarth who lead research on the project, “All 20 of these MBA schools should be commended for their commitment to working with military veterans and their families. This best-value list was developed using a practical approach and good, unbiased data. Therefore, veterans can count on getting an excellent education from any of these schools.”

The complete analysis can be viewed at Results of the MBA analysis will also appear on the GI Bill Hub at, which plans to release best-value lists on state universities, land grant institutions, and engineering-focused degree programs in the future.

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