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7 Ways to Make Your Turkey Delicious

Jacky Hayward | Chef's Blade

November 20, 2009

Cook Your Bird Upside Down

The first time I heard of this technique was when my mother cooked our Thanksgiving turkey for the first time; not knowing which was the “top”, she cooked the bird upside down or breast side down, which we only realized when the bird came out and we had to turn the bird over to get to the white meat. What we discovered, however, was the best turkey we had ever eaten, albeit not the best looking turkey there ever was. While roasting the turkey the entire time breast-side isn’t going to give you a perfectly crispy and golden turkey on the outside, try roasting it for the first half of the roasting period upside down and then the second half, right side up, to give the skin enough time to brown but also allow the juices to flow via gravity into the breast meat.

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