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7 Ways to Make Your Turkey Delicious

Jacky Hayward | Chef's Blade

November 20, 2009

Choose the Best Bird

A turkey used to just be a turkey. But these days, it’s a bit more complicated. There’s organic, free-range, natural, kosher, self-basted, heritage, and your traditional ol’ “Broad Breasted White” also known as that turkey from the super market. Since you’re not looking for a traditional turkey, let’s rule out the last one as well as the self-basted varieties, which are just frozen turkeys that have had an ambiguous “flavored liquid” injected into them.

That leaves us with organic, free-range, natural, kosher, and heritage. Organic, free-range, and natural turkeys all taste similarly but are simply raised in slightly different manners. Heritage and kosher birds are the two outliers in terms of taste. Kosher birds undergo a salting process that’s akin to brining, but eliminates the effort of your actually having to brine. Heritage turkeys are turkeys raised like your mother’s mother used to raise them, as in pre-1920’s style. So the birds have smaller breasts and have a richer flavor.

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