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8 Money Saving Tips from the Great Depression

8 Money Saving Tips from the Great Depression

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November 11, 2009

Do it yourself!

People in the Depression learned this one quickly: don’t pay somebody else to do what you can do yourself. Your time is valuable, but in rough times so is your paycheck. And we’re not just talking about obvious services like gardeners or maids. How many of you pay someone else to change your oil? Or to roast your chicken for you? Or deliver your groceries? Sit down with your family and see how much of your lives you can take over for yourselves. And, don’t forget, children can be a helpful work force with the right rewards and motivations!

Find lots of ways to make money

To follow up on our “Do it yourself” tip, don’t think of your day job as the only way you’ve got to make money. Putting your talents to work part-time is a smart way to make money, and possibly a stepping stone to a lucrative entrepreneurial career. Great cook? Try selling your delicious cakes and cookies to family and friends. Got some extra time on your hands? Run errands for cash. You’d be surprised what you can do. Just make sure you’re not running afoul of any local laws (particularly if you’re selling food) and the sky’s the limit!

Got some money-saving tips of your own? Share what you’ve learned!

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