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5 Best (and Worst!) Things About Moving Back in with Your Parents


November 09, 2009

#2 Worst: Regression

Moving back home can undo all those years of personal growth — at least temporarily. No matter how old you are, you’ll always be your parents’ baby. And if your parents are anything like mine, you’ll be expected to report to them on your whereabouts. Suddenly you find yourself in the same vicious pattern of immaturity you haven’t been in since high school. Lashing out on your parents after you thought you’d finally reached a mature and civilized relationship with them? Yikes! Parts of your personality that you thought were deeply buried may now be resurfacing.

Soon enough you’ll be on your own again, and your grown-up self will come back. But in the meantime, get used to being 24 going on 14.

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